Drug Offenses

There are differences between the crimes of Drug Possession, Drug Distribution, and Drug Trafficking. These differences are based on the type of drug, amount, and weight. Sometimes, the State Attorney’s Office does not have the requisite proof to proceed on the crime charged. There may be additional defenses available based upon the legality of the search and seizure that led to the discovery of the drugs.

Criminal Traffic

Criminal traffic cases include Reckless Driving, Fleeing and Eluding, Leaving the Scene, and Driving Under the Influence. Each involve battles with the criminal court system and the DMV. They also have certain mandatory penalties and can also be enhanced. An experienced attorney can help you to challenge the evidence and fight to keep your driving privileges.

Sealing and Expungement

In certain situations, you may be eligible to have your criminal record or arrest sealed or expunged. There are several different variations of sealing and expunging which are based on the type of outcome received in the underlying case. The process of requesting to have your record sealed or expunged is intricate and sometimes burdensome. An attorney experienced in this area can help inform you if you are eligible for sealing or expungement and walk you through the process.


Driving Under the Influence is a complex crime that contemplates many intricate defenses. There are also collateral consequences including license suspension and possible enhancements. Any person facing a Driving Under the Influence charge or a Boating Under the Influence charge should retain an attorney to help them navigate those defenses and challenges with the DMV.

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